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 own one of a kind genuine prehistoric shark tooth Necklaces, anklets/bracelets, key chains, and more!

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Shark tooth necklaces

 Wear a 12 million year old piece of history
the finest quality at just $12.99 each!




        Reef shark    Sand shark     Bull Shark


(All fossil teeth vary slightly, your fossil will be similar to pictured item)

  Wear a genuine fossil tooth from a PREHISTORIC SHARK that lived over 12 MILLION YEARS AGO.  These durable necklaces have genuine sharks teeth that have been meticulously hand wrapped in a silver non-tarnishing steel cradle. They have a high quality lobster claw clasp and natural wood and nickel plated brass beads. These are not flawed or chipped fossils, as I have seen with other dealers, I use only museum quality fossils and high quality materials for my handcrafted genuine fossil shark tooth necklaces and offer them to you at the best prices on the web for this level of quality.  
Shark teeth have protective & healing powers, and are also used to bring good luck. Wear one and feel the power! Your museum quality shark tooth necklace comes to you in a clear gift box/display case, with an information & identification chart insert included! 

Below I have posted some of your letters, thank you for all your orders! I take pride in every piece I make, and as always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

From: TallCorona@aol.com0

I'm not sure if you remember me, but about 4 months ago or so, I ordered 3 
necklaces from you. Well anyway I've gotten so many compliments on the 
necklace, that I gave them to those you liked them so much. Well to make a 
long story short I'd like to order 3 more. A sand shark tooth necklace, a 
mako and a great white tooth necklaces. I was wondering if there was any 
chance that I get the necklaces around 2 feet long though.  Give me an email back. 
Jason Wamp 
Subj: LARGE Bull shark Tooth Necklace.  
Date: 2/28/03 12:05:13 AM Eastern Standard Time 
From: Sailor4good 
Dear Walt, I must say, you should be running a big corporation, I would definitely take out stock in that one, you are the best I've ever dealt with on the internet.  You can even use this as a posted advertisement or feedback for your employees or staff to see.  Anyway my home address is Bob Nicky  8 Hemlock Lane,  Bayville, NJ  08721.  Kindly remember I'm taking your advice on the "Slider" type necklace as you advised compared to the Lobster Claw.  I am gradually passing the word around about your fossils,  you are absolutely the best and most fantastic dealer on the internet!   Received your anklet/bracelet today with the "Tiger" tooth and it's fantastic.  I wish they left more room for feedback on dealers but you can check what I said about you and I mean it.    Thank you.. May God Bless you and keep you safe in those oceans.  Bob  (BlueC4Me) 
From: (Marie Daub)

We love the necklaces we did get so that is the reason we wanted 5 more... grand kids want them even teenagers would you believe it???? My grandchildren went ape over the two I got, Now even the teenagers  want them....You have very good quality from what I have seen of some of them necklaces that other children in our family have....will keep in touch  Marie 
I ordered the one on your web site for a friend   Marie Daub 
From: (L L)

Here's more Fossil Hunter gifts for you to choose from!
ANKLET / Bracelet
$8.99 each

These anklets/ bracelets have a genuine prehistoric fossil shark tooth on  a natural waxed linen chord that is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist or ankle. when you wear this  the power will protect you wherever you go! on the beach, at work, or wherever you feel you need a HIDDEN strength boost !
Good Luck Fossil 
shark tooth Key chain!


$3.99 each


These rare beauties are perfect way to carry good luck wherever you go! The genuine fossil shark tooth on this keychain is carefully hand wrapped in stainless steel for long lasting durability and strength . 
 $6.99 each
A hand blown glass bottle with a Genuine Prehistoric Fossil shark tooth!
Intriguing!! A fascinating keepsake to treasure, this two inch bottle has a silk-screened  picture of a swirling shark and "prehistoric shark tooth" on one side for display. This interesting collectable will  amaze your friends, and you also!

Package of  10 




$4.99 each


Here are some good luck oddities for you AND your friends, Ten select fossil shark teeth in a authentication zip lock package and authentication card, naturally polished shark teeth recovered scuba diving and beach sifting ocean reefs on the gulf coast of Florida.
 10 various species of fossil shark teeth included in every bag!
 Educational Genuine tooth  on Identification/Information Card

 $1.99 each

     Get your fossil collection started with a genuine prehistoric shark tooth from the Miocene epoch. Some of these teeth were discovered digging on land in areas that used to be oceans during  that time period!  Learn amazing facts with this informative card,  identify your fossil tooth species using the highlighted silhouette chart that surrounds your fossil tooth. Every card has a different tooth!

Purchase our one of a kind Museum quality authentic fossils!  A portion of the proceeds from fossil sales help sponsor our educational programs.  Use your credit card to order securely online using "PayPal" buttons, or send your check/money order to: Fossil Hunter - PO Box 512 - Wallingford, CT 06492. S&H is $4.50 per order. All fossils are guaranteed authentic! 

An unconditional 30 day no questions asked 100% refund policy is our rule if you aren't absolutely thrilled with your purchase!  



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