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    Students respond with amazement,  as they see AND touch  fascinating prehistoric fossils!



  Several fossils that are displayed for up close hands on viewing ;  fossilized bones, petrified wood, fossil ferns, prehistoric shark teeth, including a 6" fossil tooth from a extinct 50 foot long Megaladon Shark! Also, Sharks  Jaws with several rows of teeth, a 10"Tyrannosaurus-Rex Tooth, a Wooly Mammoth Molar and tusk section, Amber with a prehistoric insect inclusion, ammonites, trilobites, brachiopods and much more!  Each year as new fossils are found they are added to this fascinating collection.

 A  display and demonstration of the SCUBA gear I use for fossil collecting underwater is displayed. (air tank, gauges, regulator, etc.) A five minute video showing SCUBA divers  recovering fossil bones, shark teeth and ancient Indian artifacts.

Our experienced & enthusiastic presenter will cover educational information about many different types of fossils and how they were  formed. (mineral replacement, bones, casts, trace fossils etc.) The information is customized for each presentation to accommodate all  grade levels,  including pre school through the high school level.

Following the lesson students can come up to the display table to view and touch the numerous fossils presented, a rare opportunity!

  Students will also receive their own genuine fossil (shark tooth) keepsake on an information card to keep as a souvenir.

 An educational teacherís packet of various follow up activities, puzzles and games is included for school & library shows.

We schedule up to one year in advance to make sure you get the date that you want!

  Call 203-269-7581 to contact me about bookings 

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