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Meet The Fossilhunter


                 Hello, Thank you for visiting "The Fossil Hunter" web page! My name is Walter Heinz and adventure is my nature! Since I was in grade school I have always been fascinated by natural history. Now, I am a professional fossil hunter, a member of the Southern Connecticut Library Council, and an associate member of the American Museum of Natural History. I  am also an internationally certified SCUBA diver with a PADI certification. For over 20 years I have conducted land excavations and also use SCUBA to locate fossil and artifacts that are under water. 

 I've always found that people were extremely interested with my collection of fossils and fossil hunting adventures.  Having been a public speaker in the financial service field, and also a Boy scout for many years, I began sharing and showing  my fossil collection to Scout groups at their monthly pack meetings. Seeing their interest in fossils turned out to be  as much fun as finding them! 

   In 1993 I teamed up with a local elementary school teacher who had  25 years of teaching experience. Together we created this interactive hands on educational presentation and adapted it for the classroom, customizing the information presented for each grade level. For over ten years this unique learning experience has entertained thousands of children and adults in schools, libraries, scout groups and private functions. The extensive fossil display includes many fossils that I have personally found or collected. I am proud to offer this exciting and truly fascinating program I have worked hard on creating, and bring my unique one of a kind display to your location! 


The photos below are from upstate NY.  I  found 350 million year old marine fossils 3,000 feet above sea level in weather eroded logging trails using a QUAD, and keen vision!



 More Adventure to come!

   Call 203-269-7581  for scheduling information. We book up to one year in advance.

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Thank you for visiting The Fossil ENJOY!