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(A printable list link of references follows, Thank you all for allowing me to share my passion of fossils and nature with you!)

 Printable Reference List


Hello everyone! Here you will find a few references from librarians, teachers, principals and scout leaders! We are so happy with all the letters  I have received, I just had to post some! Here's a letter from a wonderful librarian who scheduled us in a Suffield CT library! Very creative writing Wendy, 

Thank YOU!  

Dear Fossil Hunter a.k.a. Walter Heinz,

Hello. I've been perusing pictures of the July 17 phenomenon that was your program at Kent Memorial Library in Suffield and I'm feeling the need to gush.
You and your program were well worth the wait. I have a picture of one child, so excited by your question and the chance to participate, that he is out of his seat in order to give his raised hand a better chance to be seen. Two very shy girls -- who I was beginning to suspect had lost their vocal cords in a tragic, dual alien abduction experiment, kept hush-hush by some unacknowledged faction of the government -- were motivated to speak. Out loud. In front of people!

Of course, the subject matter is so way cool, why wouldn't they be excited? But you yourself and your manner of presentation are very engaging and accessible. On one level you treat the kids as peers and on another level you understand what they need and want as children: you address them as people, regardless of their age and yet entertain and present in a way that appeals to their stages of development. (I'm particularly fond of the imaginary dive.)

But wait -- there's more! You let them touch the fossils! You give them the responsibility of treating the fossils carefully. After nine years I'm certain you've "lost" an item or two or had one broken and yet you choose to let them handle irreplaceable pieces of history.

And you worked straight through lunch! Without even a bowl of gruel or glass of tepid water!

What more can I say? You're the bee's knees.

I'm still riding high off the positive energy of that day. And so are our patrons, as a few have mentioned being inspired to check out the museums you referenced.

In a time of turbulence and division in our country, it was encouraging to see the positive, cohesive energy generated by your program. Just wanted to let you know what you left in your wake.

Thank you.

Miss Wendy
Children's Librarian
Kent Memorial Library
Suffield, CT

Here's another wonderful email I received, a reference list of names and places  follow!

Subj: WOW  
Date: 12/29/04 3:00:08 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Dear Walter,
Your presentation yesterday excited everyone in the room. You may very well 
BE "The Fossil Hunted", but now, in Clinton, you've inspired a whole lot of 
kids to want to trek along with you.
Your show is generous, both in length and depth. You treat the children 
with utmost respect, and each and every one responded to you with 
intelligence and enthusiasm. I'm so impressed.
After the show, I checked my email. A librarian in Fairfield County was 
inquiring about several programs, including yours, because this summer 
archaeology will be the theme many libraries in that area will be using. 
Naturally, I raved about you. Everyone on our list-serve was able to read 
Best wishes for your continued success.
Lynn Hidek, Children's Librarian


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